ML One


System All-in-one; no switching of cells or blocs within flow range
Flow Range 5-50,000 sccm
Measurement Uncertainty 0.15% of reading
Repeatability 0.05% — Included in Measurement Uncertainty
Linearity Included in Measurement Uncertainty
Hysteresis Included in Measurement Uncertainty
Resolution at Full Scale 0.002%
Stability (Zero Drift) Not Applicable; no reading without gas flow
Pressure Range — Operating Atmospheric Pressure +/- 0.5PSIA
Temperate Range – Operating Accuracy and repeatability is measured in the 15 to 30 C range
Temperature Range – Storage 0 to 70 C
Gas Compatibility Any gas compatible with wetted path materials that is non-condensing, less than 70% humidity
Wetted path materials 316/304 SS, borosilicate glass, Teflon, AFLASelastomeric
Compressibility Factor Correction Utilitizes NIST REFPROP compressibility factor correction for non-ideal gas behavior
Flow Modes Pressure or Suction
Temperature and Pressure Sensors In the flow stream
User Interface Touch screen or via Commands through data port
Data Port Connections RS-232 and USB
Inlet and outlet tting 1/2 inch VCR tting
Language Selection for Display English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch
Power Supply External Power Module
Input: 100-240VAC, 1.5A 50-60 Hz
Output: 24VDC, 3.0A
Approximate Measurement Interval flow dependent (.5 – 60 seconds) typical 2 seconds
Dimensions 22″ (56cm) w x 15″ (38cm) h x 13″ (33cm) d
Weight 62 lbs – 28 kilograms
RoHS Compliant YES
Warranty 1 year
Calibration Turnaround Time 2 weeks