Direct Liquid Injection Vaporizer System


Direct Liquid Injection Vaporizer

  • Allowable process pressure: vacuum to many atmospheres
  • Vapor capacity: less than 5 grams per hour to greater than 15 kg per hour. (In calibration vapor applications, the target analyte concentrations may be achieved proportioning the liquid and carrier gas flows.)
  • Accepts multiple liquid feeds
  • Sample wetted materials: 316L stainless steel with elastomer seals; all welded 316L; or electropolished 316L with nickel seals
  • Vaporizer chamber heating: electric band heater
  • Heater power: less than 100W to greater than 5000W, application dependent; 100, 115, or 230 VAC
  • Temperature sensors: 2 K-type thermocouples, 1 for chamber temperature and 1 for over-temperature alarm
  • Process connections: 1/8″ to 1″ compression, face-seal, or NPT typical
  • Leak integrity: 1 X 10-9 cc/sec helium
  • Dimensions: vary by application. A 400W DLI vaporizer is approximately (HWD) 7.5″ x 5″ x 5″ (200mm x 125mm x 125mm)