0260 széria

akár 30 db  MFC szabályozására és megjelenítésére szolgáló egység


Power Input 85-250 Vac, 47-63 Hz
Power Output Voltage: 24 Vdc (-/+10%)
Current: 3.5 Amp
Will power up to ten (10) Brooks S-Series, SLA Smart II or 4800 Series mass flow
meters and/or mass flow controllers
Power On/Off Rocker switch on panel
Fuse Back panel accessible 2.5 Amp Anti-surge, 5 x 20 mm
Signal Input/Output RS-485 “S” Protocol (HART Command Set)
Status LEDs Four (4) status LEDs located on the front panel
Functionality: 24 Vdc present, 5 Vdc PC to USB-485 converter, Coms RX/TX XZ
Mounting Options Table top Mounting Options
Dimensions See product dimensions on page 5.
Temperature/Humidity Operating: 0-50o
C (32-122o
F), 0-95% non-condensing.
Ship/Storage: -40-85o
C (-40-185o
F), 0-95% non-condensing.
Cables AC Cables Power: Standard North American, European or United Kingdom cables
PC Interface: 3 meter (10 ft) cable from 0260 with USB connector at PC
Device power and signal: 2 meter (6 ft) cable with circular self latching Lemo 5 way 2B series in-line plug at 0260 and a 15 pin
female D connector with a Tyco double entry D15 back shell at the first node/device.
Optional custom specified multi drop cable for connection to additional nodes/devices
Certifications CE Mark Certifications EN61326-1
RoHS EPD 2002/95/EC, 01Jul2006
Software Requirements Microsoft Windows XP (SP2), Vista or 7
Number of Devices Software runs up to 30 devices
Main Screen Functions Display full scale flow, display flow rate, dispaly and adjust setpoint, display and change
valve override status, provide device/alarm status updates
Totalizer Function Resettable totalizer available on each channel
Data Logging Log data includes time stamp, setpoint, flow rate, valve drive, temperature and alarm status
Coversion Factor Two Coversion Factor decimal conversion factor (multipler) available for each channel
Blending Each channel defined as stand alone, master or slave channel.
There may be up to 15 masters with the balance being either slaves or stand alone
Security Software will function only if security dongle is installed in PC
Loss of Power Software configurable for return to last setpoint values or setpoint zero
Recipe Ability to store recipes (i.e. setpoints and times for each channel)
Languages English